Reclaimed Wood Flooring

dirty top flooring heart pine flooring white oak flooring Poplar flooring

Choose from a variety of reclaimed wood and styles including character grade, premium grade and clear select. Our character grade flooring looks exactly like the name describes, every slat is unique with solid knots, small nail holes and surface checking. Premium grade has a more refined look with fewer knots, wider faces and a rich colorful patina. Clear select grade will have a uniform and rich color throughout the whole clear of any knots.

Saw Faced Patina Oak Flooring

dirty top flooring original patina flooring patina flooring saw face flooring

We re-saw this flooring from dimensional joists or larger reclaimed beams into 3/4" thick flooring. We preserve the faces that have the saw marks from when they were originally milled into the wood used to build an old barn or building. These rough sawn faces are then carefully sanded down using 60 and 120 grit sand paper to remove any sharp or rough edges. The final product is actually very smooth, however the rough saw marks are proudly displayed giving your flooring a unique personality sure to be both a focal point in your home and a conversation starter among friends and family for years to come.

Heart Pine Flooring

heart pine flooring reclaimed heart pine flooring reclaimed wood flooring heart pine

During the industrial revolution Long Leaf Pine was the wood of choice when it came to creating large long joists for the new mills and factories being built nationwide. The term "Heart Pine" comes from the solid red or pink colored centers of the Long Leaf Pines. The trees used to construct these mills and factories were in most cases virgin timbers meaning they were very large and grew very slowly for hundreds of years creating a tight grain. The pine we see growing currently will have 2-4 growth rings per inch whereas the virgin pine has anywhere from 6-18 rings per inch, creating that one of a kind face.

Premium Grade White Oak Flooring

Select White Oak Flooring Reclaimed White Oak Flooring clear white oak flooring White Oak Flooring
White oak is one of our biggest sellers today because of it's strength, durability and warm glow. We mill white oak flooring from a variety of different beams, joists and timbers, our reclaimed Premium Grade White Oak has a flawlessly clean face free from any knots or other imperfections. We offer a variety of face sizes ranging from 2" to 12" wide, contact us to learn more about our milling standards and your flooring options, we look forward to hearing from you soon!

Reclaimed Poplar Flooring

poplar flooring green flooring poplar flooring reclaimed wood flooring

With it's destinctive green core, Reclaimed Poplar Flooring is the perfect solution for people seeking contrast and depth to their flooring.










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